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Remi Mario Kart

How funny (or scary) would it be if the video games you played came to real life and interacted with the environment? That’s the scenario in this real life Remi Mario Kart video where Remi races along real streets driving a Mario Kart while dressed as Mario.  In what could be classified as dangerous, he…

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Extra Busy Pedestrian Crosswalk

(Hidden Camera Pranks) This is an ultra-busy pedestrian crosswalk, not being used by just anyone, but rather dozens of people helping Remi Gaillard pull of a hidden camera prank in the middle of summer at a little used pedestrian crosswalk. Suddenly it becomes the busiest crosswalk ever with a very colorful cast of characters, like…

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Rocky Movie Spoof by Remi Gaillard

(Hidden Camera Pranks) Remi Gaillard is back, this time with a great spoof of the training sequence from the movie Rocky.  He pulls off several hidden camera pranks in order to put the Rocky spoof sequence together. Whether it’s punching meat in a market’s meat section or riding a stationary bike in the middle of…

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Hidden Camera Manhole Escape from Prison

(Hidden Camera Pranks) This is another funny hidden camera video by <a href=””>Remi Gaillard</a> who is dressed as a prisoner and hiding under a road beneath a manhole cover. Suddenly the manhole cover comes off and out pops a “prisoner” in a prison outfit and carrying a shovel, stopping traffic. Ha-ha! Prison Escape Prank  

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Hidden Camera Elevator Pranks

(Elevator Pranks) This video features the best elevator pranks as produced by <a href=””>Remi Gaillard</a> the amateur king of hidden prank videos online. In this one, someone goes to use an elevator, but when the door opens, there’s quite a surprise… Remi Gaillard’s Elevator Pranks

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