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Missing Old Man Hidden Camera Prank

In another fun Just for Laughs hidden camera prank, the crew post pictures of a “missing” man in a food area. Amazingly that exact same man is in the food area too! However, he’s preoccupied making out with a much younger women. That seems to be quite confusing to people who see the poster then…

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Old Man Hits Parked Cars

(Hidden Camera Pranks) When an old man asks a passerby for help directing him to park between two cars, most people are willing to help. But imagine their horror when the guy ignores their directions and unsuspectingly hits the car in front of him, followed by the car behind them. It seems that guy can’t…

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Old Man Proposes to Surprise of Others

(Hidden Camera Pranks) This is a funny hidden camera prank that involves an old man, a proposal, and an unsuspecting bystander to film the event. This is a classic “bait and switch” type trick. The audience (and person asked to film) expect one thing, but get the total opposite. In this video an old man…

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