Jun 092011

In most places you hear that Santa Claus is coming to town, however when the Just for Laughs hidden camera crew get together, the message is that Santa Claus is fighting in town. In this hidden camera prank, a Santa Claus is at the mall to see little children. In on the prank are a “mother and daughter”.  The mom grabs a passerby and asks if they can stay with the daughter while the mom runs to the restroom. People agree and as it is about the child’s turn, a second Santa Claus shows up. It seems there was a convenient scheduling conflict and now both Santa Claus characters fight each other, fists and all, to the astonishment of the unsuspecting victim of the prank. Finally one Santa renders the other unconscious. He then sits down in the Santa chair and signals for the girl to come forward even though his glasses are broke and beard has been pulled off…

Santa Claus Fighting Santa Claus

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Visitor Video Descriptions:

  • hidden camera boy
Jun 072011

So you’re walking through a park and you come to a place that has many birds in cages, set up in a nice display. You stop and watch as they happily chirp away. Then, from around the corner, comes a kid dressed as a concert conductor and holding his conductors stick. He taps it on one of the bird cages and all the birds become very quite. He then starts conducting as the birds chirp some great classical music.  After conducting the bird singing choir, he then turns and walks away without a word. It would be pretty darn impressive if not for the fact that it was a hidden camera prank!

Bird Singing Choir

Jun 052011

Can getting a parking ticket ever be a positive emotional experience? Apparently so if the Just for Laughs crew is behind the stunt. In this hidden camera prank, a parking enforcement officer is writing tickets. As a person argues about the ticket a boy in a wheelchair goes by and the officer has an idea. Encourage the kid to walk by allowing him to deliver the parking ticket. It creates a roller coaster of emotion for some people who go from being mad to being elated that the child can walk for the first time…

Wheelchair-bound Boy Walks to Deliver Parking Ticket

Jun 052011

As people walk along a pathway in a park, there is a large solid temporary fence (that you can’t see through) along the sidewalk. Suddenly a red kickball comes flying over the fence followed by a voice, “Can you get the ball, please?” When a person grabs the ball and throws it over the fence, suddenly dozens of red kickballs come flying over the fence at the people that just returned the one ball. I doubt any of them will return all those balls. And luckily no one seems to have gotten hurt when the downpour of balls began…

Dozens of Balls Thrown over Fence

Jun 032011

To a passerby it appears that this young boy has gotten his kite stick in someone’s window. The boy asks for help and when people stop to help him and pull the string to free the kite, they instead pull out the residence window which falls to the ground and breaks. It’s pretty stunning to those who wanted to free a kite and instead busted a window. And worse, the homeowner is home and looks through the window after hearing the commotion. Who is going to pay for all the damage?

Stuck Kite Breaks Window

May 312011

In this hidden camera prank, a dad is carrying a kid on his shoulder while listening to an iPod and walking down the sidewalk, seemingly not realizing that his kid’s head keeps hitting posted signs whenever he walks under them. The catch is that the kid isn’t real. But from behind it looks like the child is real. So people walking behind the “dad” all think that the kid is getting whacked by the signs and rush to the dad to stop him. Here’s the video…

Kid’s Head Hits Signs

Visitor Video Descriptions:

  • baby on shoulders prank
  • head sign kid prank
  • man carries kid on shoulders hits head