Jun 082011

Imagine walking a busy sidewalk with lots of noises – someone playing a saxophone, a dog barking, a group of break dancers with loud music, a couple arguing, a preacher trying to convert people passing by… then all of the sudden all the noise stops. The guy is still playing the sax, the couple is still arguing, and the dancers are still going at it, but it is completely silent now as if in the flash of a second you could no longer hear. It definitely puzzles people who are trying to figure out what is going on. They’re not in Eureka or Eerie Indiana. But you’d never know it. This is another great mass prank by the Improv Everywhere team…

Crowd Goes Silent at Once

Apr 272009

(Hidden Camera Pranks) In this Hidden Camera prank, the team at Imrpov Everywhere assemble a group to do a synchronized swimming event in a fountain at Washington Square Park. The goal is to make the public believe it is a New York Synchronized swimming team doing Olympic training… in the park’s fountain.

Hidden Camera – Synchronized Swimming

Apr 272009

(Hidden Camera Pranks) In this Improv Everywhere hidden camera prank, a man is threatening to jump from a ledge. The people he loves are trying to talk him down. People walking by stop and gaze in curiosity. Why? Because the ledge this man is standing on is only a few feed from the ground, yet all the actors are treating it like he is 500 feet in the air, including the man who climbs onto the ledge to rescue him…

Suicide Jumper Hidden Camera Prank

Apr 272009

(Hidden Camera Pranks) In this hidden camera prank, 80 people assembled by Improv Everywhere dress up like Best Buy employees. Then all 80 of them go into a Best Buy store. Who will be more confused, the real employees or the visitors? It’s another intriguing hidden camera prank by ImprovEverywhere…

Best Buy Employees Prank

Apr 272009

(Hidden Camera Pranks) This is one of the biggest Improv Everywhere hidden camera pranks of all time. More than 200 people are in on this prank. They all go into Grand Central Station and at the same time they all “freeze” and stay frozen for five minutes! People are trying to figure out what is going on and why all these people suddenly froze at the same time. It’s a great hidden camera trick and was pulled off with style…

Frozen in Grand Central Station

Apr 262009

(Hidden Camera Pranks) This is one of our favorite hidden camera pranks of all time. What’s amazing is how many people the prank is pulled on at once.

When you go to a food court, you think nothing of the cashier, janitor walking around, security guy, lady cleaning up. But what if all of these people served a much bigger purpose? In this video they do as they are all an important part of the Food Court Musical – a classic hidden camera event…

Food Court Musical

Apr 262009

(Hidden Camera) This is one of the best and most inspirational hidden camera gags ever. In this one, the folks at Impro Everywhere turn a random Little League baseball game into a major league event. Tons of fans show up with names of players, there’s a sports announcer, NBC Television booth, jumbo tron screen, and… oh yeah… the Good Year Blimp! This is one of our favorites of all time…

Little League Baseball Game – Major League Fun

Apr 262009

(Hidden Camera) This is a great “inspirational prank” by the people at Improv Everywhere. In this prank they get 20 people together to randomly welcome back someone from the airport. They find a car driver holding a sign with the person’s name on it, then copy that name onto their signs and have a huge “Welcome Back” party when they arrive. It’s a fun and inspirational hidden camera prank that is full of good karma and makes a great video to boot…

“Welcome Home” Airport Hidden Camera Prank