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Salon Soaks Customers – Hidden Camera

(Hidden Camera Pranks) If you go for a haircut at this salon, decked out with hidden cameras, nothing good will come of it. That is, unless you like getting your face soaked, losing hair in the sink, and having shampoo rubbed all over your face… Salon Hidden Camera Prank

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Free Gumballs Hidden Camera Prank

(Hidden Camera Pranks) In this hidden camera prank, some people make up “free gumball” signs then take them to a mall and place the signs on a large gumball machine. The only problem is that people that see the signs don’t know how to get the gumballs out. But they try… Free Gumballs

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Fake Protest – Hidden Camera Video

Red Flag Hidden Camera Fake Protest (Hidden Camera Prank) In this Just for Laughs hidden camera prank a person comes across a “survey crew” and one of them asks the person if they can carry a red flag down an alley towards the other survey crew members. The red flag is on a long stick…

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