Mar 262012

One thing that makes the Ellen show so fun to watch are the hidden camera pranks and “dance dares” (we’ll show you some of those in the coming days). Ellen’s hidden camera pranks are quite different than others because they are done with Ellen instructing someone what to say and do who is in on the prank. Here’s an example. In the video below, Ellen has a bike shop deliver a bike to her studio. It’s taken to the green room (or prep room) where Jennifer Aniston awaits. Unknown to the bike salesman, he is being filmed and Jennifer has an ear piece where Ellen is telling her what to say and do. So if Ellen says, “tell the guy this bike is a surprise for me then act excited” then Jennifer Aniston will do just that. Enjoy!

Jennifer Aniston Hidden Camera Bike Prank on Ellen Show

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May 262009

(Hidden Camera Pranks) On the March 25, 2009 episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen decides to prank some consumers at a local Starbucks. Hidden cameras are set up as Ellen secretly tells the girl cashier what to say to each guest as they place an order. For example, Ellen has her tell one guest that she has a tattoo of a half eaten bagel on her rear end…

Ellen Pranks Starbucks Customers