Jun 032011

When a passerby is asked to watch a small dog for a second (the dog is a cute little chihuahua), the passerby is shocked to see see a giant plant eat the dog. The dog was well trained for this trick as a fake plant is put in the bushes to “eat” the dog at the right moment. It’s really a puppet controlled by a hidden human, but you wouldn’t know that watching the scene head on. And when the plant is done “eating” the dog, it spits out the dog’s bones and collar just as the owner returns…

Plant Eats Small Dog


Visitor Video Descriptions:

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May 032009

(Hidden Camera Pranks) In this hidden camera prank a lady is holding a dog (but it’s really a puppet – people don’t know that) in one hand and a cane in the other. On the ground lies a small ball. She asks someone passing by if they can get the ball for her. They do, but when they go to hand it to her, the dog snaps at them.

Dog Snaps at Helpful People