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Car Vanishes in Hidden Camera Prank

In this hidden camera prank, by Just for Laughs, a guy goes up to someone sitting on a park bench and asks if they can watch his car for a second. He shows the car, which is easy to spot and in plain view. Once the people agree, he offers them money as a thank…

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Old Man Hits Parked Cars

(Hidden Camera Pranks) When an old man asks a passerby for help directing him to park between two cars, most people are willing to help. But imagine their horror when the guy ignores their directions and unsuspectingly hits the car in front of him, followed by the car behind them. It seems that guy can’t…

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Funny Candid Camera – No Engine in Car

(Hidden Camera Pranks) There use to be a classic hidden camera prank show called Candid Camera and they always did a great job at setting up some of the best pranks ever. One of Candid Camera’s best pranks was taking a car with no engine and driving it into a gas station. They actually pushed…

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Man Wants to Pay for Car with Pennies

(Hidden Camera Pranks) A man goes to a used car lot and wants to buy a car. He asks the guy if he pays cash can he get a discount. The guy says no problem. So the buyer takes the guy to his truck and reveals a truckload of pennies to pay for the car.…

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