Jun 092011

In this hidden camera prank, a lady on a bicycle, carrying a real baby, asks some people on a park path for directions. They give her directions and keep on walking. With their back now to the bicyclist, she switches out bikes for one that is identical, except a fake baby is in the bicycle baby carriage. Everything about the bike, carriage, etc. are identical. A replica of the helmet the real baby was wearing is now on the fake baby. With the fake baby now on the bike, the person rides past the same group of people she asked for direction and says “thanks again”. As she rides, now in full view of the people, she presses a secret button that causes the baby carriage to fall to the ground and be dragged, causing quite the reaction from people.

Bicycle Baby Carriage Falls to Ground (Prank)

Visitor Video Descriptions:

  • hidden camera
Jun 042011

People look horrified when a mom sets her baby (who is in a baby carrier) on the car roof then forgets about it. She gets in her car and speeds off. As she drives under a crane hook in a construction area, the hook catches the top of the carrier and pulls it upward. People are yelling at the crane operator to stop as there’s a baby hooked on his crane. The operator pulls the crane down as people lift the blanked to see of the baby is OK, only to discover a cute stuffed green frog. Looks like the Just for Laughs team got them again…

Baby Left on Car Roof