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Santa Claus is Fighting in Town

In most places you hear that Santa Claus is coming to town, however when the Just for Laughs hidden camera crew get together, the message is that Santa Claus is fighting in town. In this hidden camera prank, a Santa Claus is at the mall to see little children. In on the prank are a “mother and daughter”.¬† The mom grabs a passerby and asks if they can stay with the daughter while the mom runs to the restroom. People agree and as it is about the child’s turn, a second Santa Claus shows up. It seems there was a convenient scheduling conflict and now both Santa Claus characters fight each other, fists and all, to the astonishment of the unsuspecting victim of the prank. Finally one Santa renders the other unconscious. He then sits down in the Santa chair and signals for the girl to come forward even though his glasses are broke and beard has been pulled off…

Santa Claus Fighting Santa Claus

[pbp_pinit mediaurl=”” mediatype=”youtube” count=”horizontal” description=”A person is asked to watch a child waiting to see Santa Claus. Suddenly a second Santa Claus shows up and they fight over whose shift it is. The child is in on it. The person asked to watch them is being pranked…”]

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