Jun 082011

Imagine being in a mall when a policemen describes someone to you and asks if you’ve seen them. You say no then the policeman spots the person described and has you hide with him. The person approaches looks at the other policemen and says “found you”! This is a simple game of hide and go seek played by three policemen with innocent people being caught in the middle. At first they are scared, then when they see it is a game of hide and go seek, they are puzzled. Why in the world are policemen playing hide and go seek in the mall? Do they not have anything better to do?

Policemen Play Hide and Go Seek Game in Mall

Jun 072011

So you’re looking over a seafood display and reach down by the dead octopus only to lunge back when the octopus tries to attack you. You try to tell the chef about it, but he was distracted and didn’t see anything. Who will believe you when you say a dead octopus out of water tried to attack you? Well, the Just for Laughs people would believe you since they are the ones that set up the prank to get reactions like yours. And there’s some pretty good reactions in this clip…

Dead Octopus Attacks

Jun 072011

Here’s a machine that is amazing, but probably wouldn’t sell well in a late night infomercial. It’s a machine where you place a pig into it and instantly, at the crank of a lever, fresh sausage comes out of the machine. Of course what those watching the demo for “Fresh European Sausage” don’t know is that there is a hidden compartment under the machine with a human there to grab the pig then dispense the fresh sausage. To the viewer, it simply looks like the pig has been immediately turned into sausage. Those watching are encouraged to try the sausage for free, but for some odd reason no one wants to try the fresh European sausage from the sausage making machine…

Pig Sausage Machine

Jun 072011

So you’re walking through a park and you come to a place that has many birds in cages, set up in a nice display. You stop and watch as they happily chirp away. Then, from around the corner, comes a kid dressed as a concert conductor and holding his conductors stick. He taps it on one of the bird cages and all the birds become very quite. He then starts conducting as the birds chirp some great classical music.  After conducting the bird singing choir, he then turns and walks away without a word. It would be pretty darn impressive if not for the fact that it was a hidden camera prank!

Bird Singing Choir

Jun 062011

How funny (or scary) would it be if the video games you played came to real life and interacted with the environment? That’s the scenario in this real life Remi Mario Kart video where Remi races along real streets driving a Mario Kart while dressed as Mario.  In what could be classified as dangerous, he pulls off some stunts like throwing banana peels at cars driving next to him. And that doesn’t go over well with local police who end up pulling him over. But since when does Mario stop for police?

Remi Mario Kart

Jun 062011

Anyone who has ever tried to create freshly squeezed orange juice knows that it takes several oranges to get just one glass of orange juice. But in this hidden camera gag, just one half of an orange fills up several cups of orange juice to the amazement of those being served! The waitress squeezes the orange and it pours and pours and pours, quickly filling the glass. She then leaves the half of an orange on the table. A customer next to the “victim” asks if he can have the orange and they agree. He then gets a full glass of orange juice from it. Wow – this must be a magical orange!

Bottomless Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Jun 062011

Imagine going to a large pond, renting a canoe, and as you paddle a huge geyser erupts from your boat, sinking it. How in the world did such a big leak occur in your canoe? The answer is because it was a canoe built by the Just for Laughs people to get laughs at the temporary predicaments of others. In this gag, after paddling out in a rented canoe, the unsuspecting victim has to deal with a huge geyser of water that erupts inside the canoe. In reality, a fire hose is attached to the bottom of the modified canoe…

Canoe Leak

Jun 052011

Can getting a parking ticket ever be a positive emotional experience? Apparently so if the Just for Laughs crew is behind the stunt. In this hidden camera prank, a parking enforcement officer is writing tickets. As a person argues about the ticket a boy in a wheelchair goes by and the officer has an idea. Encourage the kid to walk by allowing him to deliver the parking ticket. It creates a roller coaster of emotion for some people who go from being mad to being elated that the child can walk for the first time…

Wheelchair-bound Boy Walks to Deliver Parking Ticket

Jun 052011

As people walk along a pathway in a park, there is a large solid temporary fence (that you can’t see through) along the sidewalk. Suddenly a red kickball comes flying over the fence followed by a voice, “Can you get the ball, please?” When a person grabs the ball and throws it over the fence, suddenly dozens of red kickballs come flying over the fence at the people that just returned the one ball. I doubt any of them will return all those balls. And luckily no one seems to have gotten hurt when the downpour of balls began…

Dozens of Balls Thrown over Fence

Jun 052011

In this hidden camera prank, a man has a booth set up to demonstrate the ability to move things with your mind (telekinesis). His booth happens to be right next to a booth selling vases and plates. So when the woman manning the vases and plates booth needs to go to the bathroom, she asks a passerby to please watch the booth for her. The passerby sits down and watches the man making pencils and other things move. Then one of the plants watching the presentation asks him to move the vases in the booth next to him with his mind. So he does. And before you know it, he’s broken two vases and several plates all by moving them with his mind…

Man Breaks Objects with Mind