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Funny Candid Camera – No Engine in Car

(Hidden Camera Pranks) There use to be a classic hidden camera prank show called Candid Camera and they always did a great job at setting up some of the best pranks ever. One of Candid Camera’s best pranks was taking a car with no engine and driving it into a gas station. They actually pushed it down a hill and let it coast, with driver, into the gas station. The attendant didn’t know any better. When the attendant checks the engine, it’s not there!

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately the Candid Camera owners are trying to keep anything dealing with Candid Camera off the Internet instead of using the Internet to build publicity and interest for the brand. As the brand ages, it loses its following and that loss is sped up by trying to over control the brand. Every time we find a video of the Car with No Engine, the Candid Camera owners find it too and force YouTube to remove it. Doing so continues to devalue their brand. Meanwhile other hidden camera brands (i.e. Popcorn, Just for Laughs, ImprovEveerywhere) are building huge followings for their brands by embracing the Internet. The video below may or may not work depending on if the Candid Camera people have killed it off…

Candid Camera – No Engine in Car

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  1. Diane on January 16, 2011 at 11:37 am

    the car with no engine is the best candid camera stunt of all…would love to have it to share on facebook…hilarious…

  2. mark on January 19, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Why are all the garage attendants wearing neckties?

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