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Caught Cheating in Changing Room

When a woman takes her man to buy clothes, she doesn’t expect him to come out of the changing room with lipstick on his neck. But that’s exactly what happens in this video. The setup is really quite ingenious. An “employee” measures the guy’s neck while sneakily applying the lipstick without anyone noticing. The guy then goes into the one-room changing room, puts on a new outfit, then comes out to show his girlfriend/wife. But when he comes out, one of the first things the girlfriend/wife notices is the lipstick on his neck. Then low-and-behold, a young beautiful woman comes out of the one-room changing room the guy was just in! Needless to say, this causes quite the commotion with the girlfriend/wife!

Caught Cheating in Changing Room

[pbp_pinit mediaurl=”” mediatype=”youtube” count=”horizontal” description=”When men go into this changing room and their wife/girlfriend waits outside, both are surprised to see a woman coming out after him with lipstick marks on his neck in this funny hidden camera prank…”]

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